Hertfordshire Domme Mistress Sophie

I am a Goddess

Who demands servitude

At all times

About Me

I am Mistress Sophie Of Hertfordshire, a leather and PVC glad goddess who delights in inflicting acts of sadism, domination and seduction on sissies, submissives and slaves from all walks of life. I’m as tall as a skyscraper in my sexy high heeled boots, with my silky-smooth brunette hair and hazel chestnut brown eyes, which have the ability to bore into your very soul. But don’t just take my word for it, you can see for yourself in my extensive photo gallery, which is just a mouse click away.

From my dungeon in Hertfordshire, or wherever I step foot, you will learn to worship everything about me. From my perfectly sculpted hourglass figure, to my lean and sexy thighs; you will learn to kiss my boots, worship my feet, even hand over your very existence to me. I take great delight in depriving you of your very sanity, as you kneel in my presence awaiting my next instruction for you to obey without question.

If you think you have what it takes to serve me, then don’t be afraid to get in touch, as after all, I’m just a single message away. Why resist my powerful seductive ways, as you know you can’t hold yourself back from drooling over how stunning I am as an all-powerful goddess.

As a bit of a sideline project, as well as catering for all genders and ages, I also specialise in the fields of Autism Spectrum Conditions in the BDSM, Kink and Fetish community. I have firsthand experience of working with those who are ASD, as well as individuals with ADHD. So, if you are on the spectrum and wish to visit me, I will understand you completely and do my best to aid and assist you in whatever way possible.

I cater for all, so what are you waiting for my o so willing and submissives slaves; do you have what it takes to serve me?

Hertfordshire Mistress Sophie