Becoming A Queen Bee

In truth, I’ve always seen myself as quite a hidden away kind of woman. The sort that looks pretty but chooses not to express it too much outside of photoshoots and the dungeon. Mind you, every now and again, I get the chance to spread my wings and soar like an eagle in the sky, winning and dinning with some of the Femdom worlds most prized elites.

Nothing says that more than being accepted into the Queen Bee Society, organised and run by Femdom heavyweight Miss Kim Rub. I wanted to take this moment to deeply thank Miss Kim for her wonderful and amazing hospitality, as well as her incredible support for the LGBT community. To be welcomed into an event such as the Queen Bee Society drinks was really such an honour!

Also I wish to say a huge thank you and shout out to my outstanding friend and closest confidante Mistress Kaz B, who is my BFF and has inspired me to do so much with my life. As I’m sure Miss Kim Rub would agree, the Queen Bee Society drinks is about making new friends and connections, along with a desire to have a dam good time being sociable. If I had any fears before I went in, they certainly dissipated the moment I walked into the hotel bar.

Above many reservations that most would have, I’d made the decision to drive into London with my car, taking with me two exceptional bubbly and very stunning passengers. Mistress Kaz B as one treating herself to the Lady Penelope experience, and the charming and also fabulously radiant Miss Tia Tease. I’d seen Miss Tia in passing via her social media page and website, but completely marvelled at how amazing they both looked.

I do have to say now that I hadn’t done city driving for a while, so it was understandable why Miss Tia was being a little uneasy in a car with a total stranger like me. Having said that, Tia does make one hell of a navigator, so if you ever do get lost, she’s the lady you’d want to have in a crisis. This was just as well, because although I’m a skilled driver with many types of vehicles, city driving wasn’t something I’d done for a while.

When we got to the hotel, I was genuinely taken aback at how fabulous it was. All evening we were being serenaded by a sharply dressed gentleman sitting at the keyboard of a finely engineered grand piano, which echoed all around the room bringing a peaceful vibe to everyone present. There were carpeted and marble floors, complimented with long tall mirrors and gold patterns on the walls.

It put me in mind of the Roman baths from ancient times. Miss Kim greeted us all with exceptional kindness and a broad grin on her face. Mistress Kaz B and Miss Tia Tease were already seasoned veterans of the Queen Bee Society, however I was the new kid on the block and very much out of my depth surrounded by so many stunning ladies of the Femdom world.

My confidence was certainly boosted when Miss Kim Rub approached me and the others for a picture, which really did test my skills as a model. I am somewhat a lot taller than most ladies, (well, more like a skyscraper if I’ll be honest), although I do pride myself on a good smile. This was something that Miss Kim was quick to pick up on, as I towered over every else when stood on my feet.

Thank goodness I’d chosen not to wear any high heels, otherwise I would’ve given the Shard a run for its money. Although I’m not as much of a social person as I’d like to be, I couldn’t help but feel at home with so many wonderful ladies. Do please check out Miss Kim, Mistress Kaz B and Miss Tia Tease, as they are all amazing people and true professionals at what they do.

All in all, it was a truly amazing evening and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you so much to Miss Kim for allowing me to attend the Queen Bee Society drinks, as well as the help and support of my good friends Mistress Kaz B and Miss Tia Tease. Thanks for reading folks, best wishes to you all. Mistress Sophie 😊

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