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Kinky Points Of View, With Mistress Kaz B and Miss Kim Rub

For many years the kink and BDSM community has been a topic reserved only for whispered conversations in the open public air, or from behind very tightly closed bedroom doors. The meeting of legends (well, I wouldn’t class myself as a legend by my guests standards at any rate). Although in hindsight, both of my co-presenters Mistress Kaz B and Miss Kim Rub are considered to be outstanding icons throughout the fetish and kink world. Being besides such titans of the fabulous BDSM community was such an honour to behold. Despite our overall common ground being that of three incredibly powerful dommes, we all have separate views that can be brought to the table.

So the idea came to light a number of weeks beforehand of conducting a small podcast video which became known as Kinky Points Of View. So what exactly were the differences between the three of us. I myself was diagnosed with ASD, aka high functioning Autism, so I came on as Team Autism. Mistress Kaz B was a lady who’d lived with ADHD all of her life, so she would bring a unique view of those who identify as ADHD to the table. The third participant in the Kinky Points Of View cast was the wonderfully world famous domme called Miss Kim Rub, who’d been pro-domming for many years prior, having been involved in the kink community for nearly four whole decades.

As Miss Kim would kindly point out during the video podcast, it wasn’t just our conditions that were unique to us, as Miss Kim would represent team neurodiversity, (or in Kim’s own words, ‘I’m just normal’). But that fundamentally was the whole point of Kinky Points Of View. All three of us were all dommes and into kink, but it was our views on it that mattered, aka a neurotypical/diverse, ADHD and Autistic views on the same community. While in the planning stage, the suggestion came up of asking each other questions relating to our own views and experiences not just from within the kink community itself, but also on our own life stories in general.

Miss Kim Rub being the eldest out of the three of us brought in a view of a time before the advent of the internet or even social media. As Kim described during the video podcast, “to actually know what it was like to be into kink, you had to be there. There was none of this photography or record videos on your smartphone, as if a flash went off you could see it for miles around”. Even myself and Mistress Kaz B for example were also both of a generation which saw the very early development on the computer and even the telephone. It’s a big difficult now for someone say who was born after the year 2000 to understand a world without the internet or social media platforms like Twitter, Fetlife, Instagram or Facebook.

Even when I was growing up as a kid, the first time that I’d ever heard about anything to do with LGBT matters was long after I’d walked away from the school classroom. This was something both myself and Mistress Kaz B had in common, as we’d both been at school during Margaret Thatcher’s poisonousness parliamentary bill commonly known as Section 28. For all those who are unaware, Section 28 was a law banning the teaching of all LGBT matters in education, which wasn’t lifted until the late 2000s.

For many reasons I suppose you could say that the rise of the internet has rather rendered the school teaching of LGBT and Autism matters as obsolete. This is just one example of the generational gap being demonstrated by the three of us during the podcast. In Miss Kim’s day, information would be found in a library through the power of books. Nowadays, it’s just a case of typing it in on Google.

Which is where I think it’s a good time to tell you about the latest venture. This is a podcast called The K Files, a podcast run by myself and Mistress Kaz B where we speak to dommes and submissives alike about their experiences, even with an uncanny twist to it. A big thank you again to Miss Kim Rub for taking part in Kinky Points Of View, as well as Mistress Kaz B for bringing her views to the table. Stay tune for news folks. Your Kinky Domme, Mistress Sophie 😈

The Dominatrix Duo Of Grimsby – Double Domming With Mistress Stephanie (5/5/2024)

One of the many aspects that you learn about when being a pro-domme is that you never know where you’ll end up next. The right handshake, a glance conversation on a kink site, or even the casual look around a dungeon could all be seen as connection building in progressing yourself and others forwards in the domme world. I’ve always been of the opinion that everything in life happens for a reason, so when a chance conversation means that I’m on the road to the Lincolnshire town of Grimsby, I never assume that I know what’s coming next. By chance conversation through a friend in the Huntress group, I just happened to make contact with a charming and bubbly pro-domme by the name of Mistress Stephanie.

Mistress Stephanie would be what I would class as a soft domme, in which she preferred affectionate touching and caressing to that of beating seven bells out of people. It made quite the contrast therefore to be requested for a double domme session with Mistress Stephanie on behalf of her client who wanted to be treated like a pig in a farmyard. (Like I said folks, when it comes to kink, there’s no such thing as ‘weird’). The Sunday on the bank holiday weekend had started quite bright and with very clear skies. The sorts of climate that bikers and pilots would have called ‘perfect conditions’. This was just as well, because my main mode of transport that day was to be my motorcycle, built and equip for long distance work.

Then just as I was mounting up onto my motorcycle for a ride up to Grimsby, disaster struck. Mistress Stephanie was messaging me to say that her client for the day had gone AWOL, leaving her without a single submissive to play with. I did have to feel sorry for Mistress Stephanie, as she’d spent most of the previous evening telling me how excited she was for us to be playing together. “All is not lost, as I’ll still come and see you anyway” I replied which left Mistress Stephanie astounded at my determined resolve. “What, you’d come all the way to Grimsby just to see me” was the reply I got from Mistress Stephanie. In which my response was “of course, I’ve gone further before for less in the past”.

The ride up was incredibly pleasant, with multiple bikers and classic car owners out enjoying the sunshine and near perfect driving conditions. Not being sure about whether Grimsby was a crime free area or not, Mistress Stephanie made the decision that my motorcycle would live in the back garden for the time we were together that day. It was quite comical watching me come through the rear garden gate having to squeeze a large sized motorcycle through a small gateway, with mere millimetres to spare either side. Once inside however I was greeted by Mistress Stephanie, already dressed in her finest leather and PVC outfit as her partner looked on in awe at myself as a newcomer.

After displaying to Mistress Stephanie at the amount of equipment that I’d brought with me in such a confided space, I was then ushered upstairs into her lair room and prepared myself for getting myself dressed and ready to have a nice friendly girly chat. To say that myself and Mistress Stephanie immediately clicked would be an understatement. We gelled together seamlessly, bouncing ideas off of each other and a last minute willing sissy slut submissive, who I shall name Glen so as to hide his real name. Glen presented himself to myself and Mistress Stephanie wearing a thin pick lace dress, white tights with lace holdups and a pair of cream coloured high heels.

Glen had never submitted to a sadistic goddess like me before, so he was curious to know how it would go. It would go without saying that Glen walked away a very happy customer from the experience. Even Mistress Stephanie felt her nerves being tested as she was a very soft domme who wasn’t used to my level of sadistic cruelty during a session. That didn’t stop her from being quite giggly at times when I would speak in a very soft like voice, before then going on the attack on Glen. With Mistress Stephanie’s help, I’d secured Glen in a hogtie using some lovely lengths of barbie pink rope with matching blindfold and ball gag, giving him instructions that he wasn’t to move or speak.

Honestly, there is nothing more amusing than listening to a submissive trying to speak with a gag in, aka gag talk. While Glen was tied up, myself and Mistress Stephanie took a number of selfies in which we went into very giggly while doing it, as we both felt a sense of fun and pride of having a restrained sissy slut at our mercy for the day. All in all, I want to say a huge thank you to Mistress Stephanie and Glen for making it a fantastic day, despite the original submissive not working out the way it was supposed to. I do hope to see you all again soon for more kinky action in your marvellous dungeon studio.

Best Wishes
Mistress Sophie

Taking Command Of The Huntress UK Event

So what’s been going on in the world of Mistress Sophie lately? Well, breaking news everyone; stop the presses, hold everything! As of May 2024, I’ve been given the honourable title of being the Head of Huntress UK. “That’s amazing news, congratulations” many of you will say, but then in the same breath ask, “what exactly is Huntress UK”? I’m glad you asked me that folks, as I’m going to tell you. Huntress UK was originally founded back in 2022 by Mistress Maree of Lincolnshire, of which I happened to come across in late 2023. It was an event I’d certainly never come across before, although it sounded like a lot of fun all the same.

It was an event whereby submissives would scatter off and conceal themselves in a woodland area wearing paintball masks and wedding vegetable (groin) protection, whilst the dommes would hunt them down using paintball guns to shoot at them. “Wow, that sounds amazing, where do I sign up” many of you will say, as what domme wouldn’t love to take pot-shots at their submissives in some form of punishment for their misdemeanours. And if you think I’m joking, I’m not! These are real submissives, real dommes, and real paintballs! In May 2024 the decision was made by the then head of the Huntress Mistress Maree to hand over control of the organisation to myself for reasons that way remain between us.

What I can tell you though is that I’ve always thrown myself with enthusiasm and vigour into every task that I’ve always been given. So brace yourself folks, Mistress Sophie Of Hertfordshire has just stepped up a gear and is on the lookout for new dommes and submissives to join my latest endeavour. You never know, you might even have what it takes to be a part of the mystery detachment than stalks and hunts in the forest. (Shh, don’t tell anyone though, as their movements and operations are classified top secret). Think that you have what it takes to be a part of this wonderful event? Then do please get in contact with me via my booking form on my website for more information.

Yours In Kink

Mistress Sophie

Client Blog Entry – My Session With Mistress Sophie – 20th April 2024

My Session With Mistress Sophie By Slave A

As it was my first time in a dungeon, I was a little nervous if my fantasies would match the reality, or if my worst fears would be proved right. Thankfully, I was in good hands.

As I stood in the waiting area, Mistress Sophie opened the door and welcomed me into the dungeon. Tall in heels and a tight red PVC bodysuit, I was immediately both excited and calmed by her presence.

We sat for a moment and discussed what was about to happen. As a dungeon novice, I was looking for an introductory session, a sort of taster menu of all the dungeon has to offer. She delivered on this desire perfectly, and was able to tell without any actual communication when to ease off, and when to ramp up. We had discussed limits and safewords, and they were respected throughout the scene.

During a more intense moment, I did have to use my safeword, and Mistress Sophie immediately stopped and checked on me, and was wonderfully accommodating. This really put me at ease and helped me regain myself and re-enter the scene, pushing beyond that point where I previously had to stop, knowing this time that Mistress Sophie was only going to be helpful should I need it.

Once the session was over, we spoke about the scene, what I liked, didn’t like, would like to try more of, etc. She helped me mentally reset and return to a normal state.

Once I had returned home, she checked up on me and made sure I was still alright, and has been very accessible for any questions since.

I only have good things to say about Mistress Sophie, and how she conducted herself and helped me through the session. I would highly recommend her for anyone, novice or pro.

Kind Regards all round
Slave A

Becoming A Queen Bee

In truth, I’ve always seen myself as quite a hidden away kind of woman. The sort that looks pretty but chooses not to express it too much outside of photoshoots and the dungeon. Mind you, every now and again, I get the chance to spread my wings and soar like an eagle in the sky, winning and dinning with some of the Femdom worlds most prized elites.

Nothing says that more than being accepted into the Queen Bee Society, organised and run by Femdom heavyweight Miss Kim Rub. I wanted to take this moment to deeply thank Miss Kim for her wonderful and amazing hospitality, as well as her incredible support for the LGBT community. To be welcomed into an event such as the Queen Bee Society drinks was really such an honour!

Also I wish to say a huge thank you and shout out to my outstanding friend and closest confidante Mistress Kaz B, who is my BFF and has inspired me to do so much with my life. As I’m sure Miss Kim Rub would agree, the Queen Bee Society drinks is about making new friends and connections, along with a desire to have a dam good time being sociable. If I had any fears before I went in, they certainly dissipated the moment I walked into the hotel bar.

Above many reservations that most would have, I’d made the decision to drive into London with my car, taking with me two exceptional bubbly and very stunning passengers. Mistress Kaz B as one treating herself to the Lady Penelope experience, and the charming and also fabulously radiant Miss Tia Tease. I’d seen Miss Tia in passing via her social media page and website, but completely marvelled at how amazing they both looked.

I do have to say now that I hadn’t done city driving for a while, so it was understandable why Miss Tia was being a little uneasy in a car with a total stranger like me. Having said that, Tia does make one hell of a navigator, so if you ever do get lost, she’s the lady you’d want to have in a crisis. This was just as well, because although I’m a skilled driver with many types of vehicles, city driving wasn’t something I’d done for a while.

When we got to the hotel, I was genuinely taken aback at how fabulous it was. All evening we were being serenaded by a sharply dressed gentleman sitting at the keyboard of a finely engineered grand piano, which echoed all around the room bringing a peaceful vibe to everyone present. There were carpeted and marble floors, complimented with long tall mirrors and gold patterns on the walls.

It put me in mind of the Roman baths from ancient times. Miss Kim greeted us all with exceptional kindness and a broad grin on her face. Mistress Kaz B and Miss Tia Tease were already seasoned veterans of the Queen Bee Society, however I was the new kid on the block and very much out of my depth surrounded by so many stunning ladies of the Femdom world.

My confidence was certainly boosted when Miss Kim Rub approached me and the others for a picture, which really did test my skills as a model. I am somewhat a lot taller than most ladies, (well, more like a skyscraper if I’ll be honest), although I do pride myself on a good smile. This was something that Miss Kim was quick to pick up on, as I towered over every else when stood on my feet.

Thank goodness I’d chosen not to wear any high heels, otherwise I would’ve given the Shard a run for its money. Although I’m not as much of a social person as I’d like to be, I couldn’t help but feel at home with so many wonderful ladies. Do please check out Miss Kim, Mistress Kaz B and Miss Tia Tease, as they are all amazing people and true professionals at what they do.

All in all, it was a truly amazing evening and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you so much to Miss Kim for allowing me to attend the Queen Bee Society drinks, as well as the help and support of my good friends Mistress Kaz B and Miss Tia Tease. Thanks for reading folks, best wishes to you all. Mistress Sophie 😊

Your Hertfordshire Mistress

I am a refined elegant dominant Hertfordshire Mistress. I am intelligent, articulate and very experienced. I will combine my expertise and sensuality to give you the ultimate experience. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced submissive, I will dominate your mind as well as your body. I am a Fantasy and Role Play Specialist and will take your fantasy and turn it into the reality that you really want.

Hertfordshire Mistress Sophie