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Kinky Points Of View, With Mistress Kaz B and Miss Kim Rub

For many years the kink and BDSM community has been a topic reserved only for whispered conversations in the open public air, or from behind very tightly closed bedroom doors. The meeting of legends (well, I wouldn’t class myself as a legend by my guests standards at any rate). Although in hindsight, both of my co-presenters Mistress Kaz B and Miss Kim Rub are considered to be outstanding icons throughout the fetish and kink world. Being besides such titans of […]

The Dominatrix Duo Of Grimsby – Double Domming With Mistress Stephanie (5/5/2024)

One of the many aspects that you learn about when being a pro-domme is that you never know where you’ll end up next. The right handshake, a glance conversation on a kink site, or even the casual look around a dungeon could all be seen as connection building in progressing yourself and others forwards in the domme world. I’ve always been of the opinion that everything in life happens for a reason, so when a chance conversation means that I’m […]

Taking Command Of The Huntress UK Event

So what’s been going on in the world of Mistress Sophie lately? Well, breaking news everyone; stop the presses, hold everything! As of May 2024, I’ve been given the honourable title of being the Head of Huntress UK. “That’s amazing news, congratulations” many of you will say, but then in the same breath ask, “what exactly is Huntress UK”? I’m glad you asked me that folks, as I’m going to tell you. Huntress UK was originally founded back in 2022 […]

Client Blog Entry – My Session With Mistress Sophie – 20th April 2024

My Session With Mistress Sophie By Slave A As it was my first time in a dungeon, I was a little nervous if my fantasies would match the reality, or if my worst fears would be proved right. Thankfully, I was in good hands. As I stood in the waiting area, Mistress Sophie opened the door and welcomed me into the dungeon. Tall in heels and a tight red PVC bodysuit, I was immediately both excited and calmed by her […]

Becoming A Queen Bee

In truth, I’ve always seen myself as quite a hidden away kind of woman. The sort that looks pretty but chooses not to express it too much outside of photoshoots and the dungeon. Mind you, every now and again, I get the chance to spread my wings and soar like an eagle in the sky, winning and dinning with some of the Femdom worlds most prized elites. Nothing says that more than being accepted into the Queen Bee Society, organised […]

Your Hertfordshire Mistress

I am a refined elegant dominant Hertfordshire Mistress. I am intelligent, articulate and very experienced. I will combine my expertise and sensuality to give you the ultimate experience. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced submissive, I will dominate your mind as well as your body. I am a Fantasy and Role Play Specialist and will take your fantasy and turn it into the reality that you really want. Hertfordshire Mistress Sophie