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The Dominatrix Duo Of Grimsby – Double Domming With Mistress Stephanie (5/5/2024)

One of the many aspects that you learn about when being a pro-domme is that you never know where you’ll end up next. The right handshake, a glance conversation on a kink site, or even the casual look around a dungeon could all be seen as connection building in progressing yourself and others forwards in the domme world. I’ve always been of the opinion that everything in life happens for a reason, so when a chance conversation means that I’m on the road to the Lincolnshire town of Grimsby, I never assume that I know what’s coming next. By chance conversation through a friend in the Huntress group, I just happened to make contact with a charming and bubbly pro-domme by the name of Mistress Stephanie.

Mistress Stephanie would be what I would class as a soft domme, in which she preferred affectionate touching and caressing to that of beating seven bells out of people. It made quite the contrast therefore to be requested for a double domme session with Mistress Stephanie on behalf of her client who wanted to be treated like a pig in a farmyard. (Like I said folks, when it comes to kink, there’s no such thing as ‘weird’). The Sunday on the bank holiday weekend had started quite bright and with very clear skies. The sorts of climate that bikers and pilots would have called ‘perfect conditions’. This was just as well, because my main mode of transport that day was to be my motorcycle, built and equip for long distance work.

Then just as I was mounting up onto my motorcycle for a ride up to Grimsby, disaster struck. Mistress Stephanie was messaging me to say that her client for the day had gone AWOL, leaving her without a single submissive to play with. I did have to feel sorry for Mistress Stephanie, as she’d spent most of the previous evening telling me how excited she was for us to be playing together. “All is not lost, as I’ll still come and see you anyway” I replied which left Mistress Stephanie astounded at my determined resolve. “What, you’d come all the way to Grimsby just to see me” was the reply I got from Mistress Stephanie. In which my response was “of course, I’ve gone further before for less in the past”.

The ride up was incredibly pleasant, with multiple bikers and classic car owners out enjoying the sunshine and near perfect driving conditions. Not being sure about whether Grimsby was a crime free area or not, Mistress Stephanie made the decision that my motorcycle would live in the back garden for the time we were together that day. It was quite comical watching me come through the rear garden gate having to squeeze a large sized motorcycle through a small gateway, with mere millimetres to spare either side. Once inside however I was greeted by Mistress Stephanie, already dressed in her finest leather and PVC outfit as her partner looked on in awe at myself as a newcomer.

After displaying to Mistress Stephanie at the amount of equipment that I’d brought with me in such a confided space, I was then ushered upstairs into her lair room and prepared myself for getting myself dressed and ready to have a nice friendly girly chat. To say that myself and Mistress Stephanie immediately clicked would be an understatement. We gelled together seamlessly, bouncing ideas off of each other and a last minute willing sissy slut submissive, who I shall name Glen so as to hide his real name. Glen presented himself to myself and Mistress Stephanie wearing a thin pick lace dress, white tights with lace holdups and a pair of cream coloured high heels.

Glen had never submitted to a sadistic goddess like me before, so he was curious to know how it would go. It would go without saying that Glen walked away a very happy customer from the experience. Even Mistress Stephanie felt her nerves being tested as she was a very soft domme who wasn’t used to my level of sadistic cruelty during a session. That didn’t stop her from being quite giggly at times when I would speak in a very soft like voice, before then going on the attack on Glen. With Mistress Stephanie’s help, I’d secured Glen in a hogtie using some lovely lengths of barbie pink rope with matching blindfold and ball gag, giving him instructions that he wasn’t to move or speak.

Honestly, there is nothing more amusing than listening to a submissive trying to speak with a gag in, aka gag talk. While Glen was tied up, myself and Mistress Stephanie took a number of selfies in which we went into very giggly while doing it, as we both felt a sense of fun and pride of having a restrained sissy slut at our mercy for the day. All in all, I want to say a huge thank you to Mistress Stephanie and Glen for making it a fantastic day, despite the original submissive not working out the way it was supposed to. I do hope to see you all again soon for more kinky action in your marvellous dungeon studio.

Best Wishes
Mistress Sophie