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Kinky Points Of View, With Mistress Kaz B and Miss Kim Rub

For many years the kink and BDSM community has been a topic reserved only for whispered conversations in the open public air, or from behind very tightly closed bedroom doors. The meeting of legends (well, I wouldn’t class myself as a legend by my guests standards at any rate). Although in hindsight, both of my co-presenters Mistress Kaz B and Miss Kim Rub are considered to be outstanding icons throughout the fetish and kink world. Being besides such titans of the fabulous BDSM community was such an honour to behold. Despite our overall common ground being that of three incredibly powerful dommes, we all have separate views that can be brought to the table.

So the idea came to light a number of weeks beforehand of conducting a small podcast video which became known as Kinky Points Of View. So what exactly were the differences between the three of us. I myself was diagnosed with ASD, aka high functioning Autism, so I came on as Team Autism. Mistress Kaz B was a lady who’d lived with ADHD all of her life, so she would bring a unique view of those who identify as ADHD to the table. The third participant in the Kinky Points Of View cast was the wonderfully world famous domme called Miss Kim Rub, who’d been pro-domming for many years prior, having been involved in the kink community for nearly four whole decades.

As Miss Kim would kindly point out during the video podcast, it wasn’t just our conditions that were unique to us, as Miss Kim would represent team neurodiversity, (or in Kim’s own words, ‘I’m just normal’). But that fundamentally was the whole point of Kinky Points Of View. All three of us were all dommes and into kink, but it was our views on it that mattered, aka a neurotypical/diverse, ADHD and Autistic views on the same community. While in the planning stage, the suggestion came up of asking each other questions relating to our own views and experiences not just from within the kink community itself, but also on our own life stories in general.

Miss Kim Rub being the eldest out of the three of us brought in a view of a time before the advent of the internet or even social media. As Kim described during the video podcast, “to actually know what it was like to be into kink, you had to be there. There was none of this photography or record videos on your smartphone, as if a flash went off you could see it for miles around”. Even myself and Mistress Kaz B for example were also both of a generation which saw the very early development on the computer and even the telephone. It’s a big difficult now for someone say who was born after the year 2000 to understand a world without the internet or social media platforms like Twitter, Fetlife, Instagram or Facebook.

Even when I was growing up as a kid, the first time that I’d ever heard about anything to do with LGBT matters was long after I’d walked away from the school classroom. This was something both myself and Mistress Kaz B had in common, as we’d both been at school during Margaret Thatcher’s poisonousness parliamentary bill commonly known as Section 28. For all those who are unaware, Section 28 was a law banning the teaching of all LGBT matters in education, which wasn’t lifted until the late 2000s.

For many reasons I suppose you could say that the rise of the internet has rather rendered the school teaching of LGBT and Autism matters as obsolete. This is just one example of the generational gap being demonstrated by the three of us during the podcast. In Miss Kim’s day, information would be found in a library through the power of books. Nowadays, it’s just a case of typing it in on Google.

Which is where I think it’s a good time to tell you about the latest venture. This is a podcast called The K Files, a podcast run by myself and Mistress Kaz B where we speak to dommes and submissives alike about their experiences, even with an uncanny twist to it. A big thank you again to Miss Kim Rub for taking part in Kinky Points Of View, as well as Mistress Kaz B for bringing her views to the table. Stay tune for news folks. Your Kinky Domme, Mistress Sophie 😈

Taking Command Of The Huntress UK Event

So what’s been going on in the world of Mistress Sophie lately? Well, breaking news everyone; stop the presses, hold everything! As of May 2024, I’ve been given the honourable title of being the Head of Huntress UK. “That’s amazing news, congratulations” many of you will say, but then in the same breath ask, “what exactly is Huntress UK”? I’m glad you asked me that folks, as I’m going to tell you. Huntress UK was originally founded back in 2022 by Mistress Maree of Lincolnshire, of which I happened to come across in late 2023. It was an event I’d certainly never come across before, although it sounded like a lot of fun all the same.

It was an event whereby submissives would scatter off and conceal themselves in a woodland area wearing paintball masks and wedding vegetable (groin) protection, whilst the dommes would hunt them down using paintball guns to shoot at them. “Wow, that sounds amazing, where do I sign up” many of you will say, as what domme wouldn’t love to take pot-shots at their submissives in some form of punishment for their misdemeanours. And if you think I’m joking, I’m not! These are real submissives, real dommes, and real paintballs! In May 2024 the decision was made by the then head of the Huntress Mistress Maree to hand over control of the organisation to myself for reasons that way remain between us.

What I can tell you though is that I’ve always thrown myself with enthusiasm and vigour into every task that I’ve always been given. So brace yourself folks, Mistress Sophie Of Hertfordshire has just stepped up a gear and is on the lookout for new dommes and submissives to join my latest endeavour. You never know, you might even have what it takes to be a part of the mystery detachment than stalks and hunts in the forest. (Shh, don’t tell anyone though, as their movements and operations are classified top secret). Think that you have what it takes to be a part of this wonderful event? Then do please get in contact with me via my booking form on my website for more information.

Yours In Kink

Mistress Sophie