Client Blog Entry – My Session With Mistress Sophie – 20th April 2024

My Session With Mistress Sophie By Slave A

As it was my first time in a dungeon, I was a little nervous if my fantasies would match the reality, or if my worst fears would be proved right. Thankfully, I was in good hands.

As I stood in the waiting area, Mistress Sophie opened the door and welcomed me into the dungeon. Tall in heels and a tight red PVC bodysuit, I was immediately both excited and calmed by her presence.

We sat for a moment and discussed what was about to happen. As a dungeon novice, I was looking for an introductory session, a sort of taster menu of all the dungeon has to offer. She delivered on this desire perfectly, and was able to tell without any actual communication when to ease off, and when to ramp up. We had discussed limits and safewords, and they were respected throughout the scene.

During a more intense moment, I did have to use my safeword, and Mistress Sophie immediately stopped and checked on me, and was wonderfully accommodating. This really put me at ease and helped me regain myself and re-enter the scene, pushing beyond that point where I previously had to stop, knowing this time that Mistress Sophie was only going to be helpful should I need it.

Once the session was over, we spoke about the scene, what I liked, didn’t like, would like to try more of, etc. She helped me mentally reset and return to a normal state.

Once I had returned home, she checked up on me and made sure I was still alright, and has been very accessible for any questions since.

I only have good things to say about Mistress Sophie, and how she conducted herself and helped me through the session. I would highly recommend her for anyone, novice or pro.

Kind Regards all round
Slave A

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