Yes, the light levels may have been shifted somewhat using a computer photoshop programme, but that really is me you’re looking at in the pictures dotted all over this website. Not all of the outfits that you see on my website are owned by myself, so please bear that in mind if there is a specific outfit that you take a liking too in my picture gallery.

As the old saying goes, ‘what happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon’. In other words, you can expect a full guarantee from myself that your details, name and kinks will remain confidential at all times. If I wish to post content of your session on my social media platforms however, I will first ask for your consent to be granted, but any details that identify you as a person will be censored before posting.

No, it’s just an act folks; I’m only sadistic during a session when asked to be by the client, as not all sessions require me to be so sadistic. Before, after and outside of the dungeon sessions, I’m just like everyone else you see walking past in the street. Trust me, there are plenty of people who I know that will tell you there isn’t a nasty bone in my body, so you’re in safe hands. I may come across as a confident person, but every session is just as much of learning experience for me as it is for my clients, because I never know what will happen next.

100%, your hard limits will be respected at all times, as a hard limit of mine is never pushing boundaries or trying to get a submissive to break their own hard limits. While you’re in my presence, I will do everything in my power to make you feel at ease and relaxed so that you can have a good time and enjoy the experience of the session.

Absolutely, I am more than happy for your session to be recorded or photographed, so you are more than welcome to bring along your own recording equipment should you wish for me to carry out this service for you during the session.

Please remember to wash yourself before coming to see me, (especially if it’s a hot day and the humidity is high). This is most important if you’re planning on doing any kind of play which involves me being in close contact with you, as you’ll be surprised how easy it is to build up a sweat. I’m not expecting you to turn up wearing a suit and tie, although I will not be too pleased if you turn up wearing fetish gear. You shall therefore enter and leave the dungeon wearing vanilla clothing, because of the location of where the dungeon is.

As we all know, getting to and from a session can be just as frustrating and nerve racking as attending your very first session with a professional dominatrix. I’m based in the town of Hertford, Hertfordshire, which is not as much of a friend to the motor car as it should be. Having said that, there is available parking around my dungeon in the town centre location, although there is a multi-story car park within the town centre itself. There are also two train stations nearby which both link very helpfully with trains from the north of England and directly into central London itself.

Aww, if you do wish to send me a gift, then I’m very touched by the gesture and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful generosity. As much as I would love to be gifted with clothing or a nice bottle of wine, it would be a bit of a pointless effort as I am a little picky about what I wear and I very rarely consume any kind of acholic beverages. Don’t be disheartened however, as a little cash in my pocket goes a long way, so do please feel free to slide me a little tip should you wish to say an extra thank you for my time.